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Reference Letter / To whom it may concern

Amsterdam, 24 June 2009

Hervé CAMUS joined Getronics 4 years ago, in June 2005, as a Director in charge of a P&L for strategic international clients and partners. One year later he was promoted to Corporate Director in charge of running an international Profit & Loss structure responsible for creating, marketing and delivering secure collaboration solutions and services.  Hervé worked closely with the senior leadership team of the company, reporting successively to a Vice President, an Executive Vice President, and a Board Member.

Hervé contributed significantly to the turnaround of the company: As the head of a strategic P&L representing in 2006 approximately 13% of the total group revenue, Hervé led an international force of 340 to restore profitable growth of the unit, reaching $398 million.

In just under two years, Hervé and his team managed to turn a money-losing product-centric P&L into a profitable success as evidenced by 8 awards. This involved a deep business analysis followed by a drastic restructuring of the go-to-market strategies and the associated portfolio of offerings; using best practices, reallocating resources, cutting costs and refocusing the teams on more value-add and profitable markets, training and certifying experts on advanced technologies and managed services, rejuvenating marketing and sales not only inside his direct resource pool but also working collaboratively with other departments, driving quality project implementation and managing the satisfaction of demanding customers and partners.

Hervé is well regarded and highly appreciated both internally and by partners and customers alike, such as Cisco, Dell, Axa, Air France / KLM etc. 360° feedbacks highlight numerous critical qualities including: hard work, fast learner, adaptability, resilience, integrity, reliability, stress management, and an unassuming leadership style with effective communication.

Hervé’s analytic and execution skills being recognized by the Board of Management, he was given additional missions outside of his normal perimeter. For example, in under one quarter, he built and led an international task-force to resolve issues at a strategic account, restoring teamwork across borders, driving multifunctional teams to build a winning strategy, articulating a business value proposition that was recognized by the customer’s top management as truly best-in class.

The acquisition of our company by KPN triggered a major restructuring, resulting in the sale and the merge of many businesses. This downsizing implies that we no longer require Hervé’s services, especially since he does not speak Dutch. That is why we will have to let him go during the Summer 2009 along with numerous other talented individuals impacted by a social plan made necessary due not only to our restructuring, but also to a major economic crisis.

We warmly thank Hervé for his contribution to the company and wish him all the best. We have no doubt that his leadership skills and his business development expertise will be attractive to other companies needing proven cross-functional management. We are happy to be contacted by prospective employers to vouch for him.

Kind regards,

“Herve was certainly one of the best hiring decisions I made at Getronics. Herve is both a key team contributor and a valuable asset to help drive big international commercial programs. Herve is very persistent ”without being nasty”, very knowledgeable on IT ”without being nerdy” and extremely sales driven ”without being too pushy”. Last but not least, a very nice person and extremely internationally oriented.”
— Edze Hiemstra, former Corporate Vice President, Getronics  •  • +31 65 47 10 826

“Hervé is one of the few that provide a significant difference to global/international enterprises. I worked with Hervé on multiple board and C-level engagements within the partner-ecosystem. He is a professional and team player that can execute and deliver in complex and fast- paced technology organizations. His wealth of know-how, social skills, humor and “always positive” attitude is the recipe for a genuine acumen in the high-tech industry. Highly recommended without hesitation!”
— Haydar Cimen, Corporate Director, Getronics  •  • +31 6 295 265 31

“I had the opportunity to work closely with Herve at Getronics. Herve is an effective leader, articulate with strong communications skills, detail-oriented and a team player who collaborates well with fellow colleagues and also cross-functionally within an organization, as well as with customers and partners: Herve is an effective senior level manager and has demonstrated his success at developing and growing executive relationships. For example, Herve understood how to combine Cisco’s and Microsoft’s technologies and Getronics’ services capabilities, then work with the global portfolio teams to develop new service offerings that gave Getronics competitive differentiation in the market. Further, Herve was effective in driving field engagement, leveraging the partner ecosystem to ignite pipeline and sales growth. I am available at any time to speak with potential hiring managers on Herve’s behalf.”
— Brad Gleason, Global Service Director, Getronics •  • +1 508 446-0484

“It was a real pleasure working with Herve on international strategic clients and partners. He inspired our sales teams to work more collaboratively with global service delivery teams. He repeatedly demonstrated the ability to work under intense deadlines, managing all of the intricacies and multiple stakeholders of large multinational companies. He is results driven and the revenue and margin growth for Getronics during our time together proves it. Herve is a true professional in every sense of the word. He is an excellent strategic thinker and planner and his execution to the plan was flawless. This allowed us to optimize the business opportunities within strategic accounts. I could always count on him to deliver. Herve will be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any endeavor that he chooses to pursue”
— John Kotula, former Director, Global Operations, Getronics •  • +1 201 699 7291

“Hervé has a very good ability to develop a business and to manage all its aspects. He is very structured in following up on actions and on contacts. He has proven that he can develop the contribution of a program. His international experience allows him to demonstrate flexibility and real engagement. I enjoyed having him in my team.”
— Jean-Paul Adans, former EVP, Getronics • • +32 475 613 674

“Hervé is a professional with an unmatched detailed and structured way of addressing a business plan and its subsequent action plan. In that sense, he is one of a kind you do not often run into in one professional environment.”
— Alexandre Steiner, Corporate Vice President, Getronics • •+33 6 03 01 45 91



“I worked closely with Herve during his tenure with Stratus Technologies as the Director for Southern EMEA Solutions Services Business Development. Herve demonstrated excellent business and strategic management skills in his successful repositioning of the Southern EMEA team from a product centric to a solutions centric business model.
Herve is a passionate, articulate and effective leader of multi-national and cross-functional teams. His professional demeanor was an asset with both customer and partner executive relationships. Herve demonstrated a solid understanding of technology and integration alternatives for customer solutions, and the financial implications of each. He leveraged this knowledge to lead his team in the successful growth of sales throughout the region. It was a pleasure to work with Herve and I am available to speak with potential hiring managers on Herve’s behalf.”
— Don Ziter, former Corporate Director, Stratus •  • +1 978-973-9739


“I worked with Herve in 2004-2005 while he was in charge of developing the service and solution business for Stratus in Europe-MEA while I was doing the same in Japan-APAC. I enjoyed working with Herve, initially in the taskforce responsible for designing the global business development strategy, and then working together on the global and local implementation, sharing best practices on change management, on diversification, on international account management etc.
I shared the leadership team’s respect for Herve’s innovative contributions to the company, and for his accomplishments. He demonstrated very valuable thought leadership, created excellent deliverables that were recognized as best practices to be implemented globally, and he worked collaboratively across departments and regions.
As a Japanese person, I also appreciated his strategic long-term approach for sustainable profitable growth, and his ability to bridge different cultures: East/West obviously, but also Product/Service etc. Additionally, his personality is another strength of him. He is positive and active under any circumstances, and it helped us overcome many difficulties that he and I encountered. I hope to have the opportunity to work again with Herve in the future. In the meantime, I am happy to serve as a reference.”
— Tomoko Takeda, former business development lead, Stratus •  • +81 3 5324-4213


“Herve’s unstoppable tenacity coupled with his knowledge of the IT business was a great asset at Stratus. His command of English is perfect and enabled him to work effectively across Europe and the US. A great colleague and someone I will look forward to working with again in the future. Highly recommended.”
— Jim Loughran, former business development lead, Stratus  •  • +44 7825 250 205



“I recruited Hervé Camus in 1993 to create and manage our major accounts programs and international large bid support. After 15 months, I decided to promote him to Head of the Asia-Pacific region for our new OEM and indirect sales business. In both roles, over 3 years, Hervé reported to me in this corporate role, while working collaboratively with the local managers.
He proved to be an innovative self-starter who didn’t require much supervision, while welcoming and proactively seeking advice from a network of trusted advisors. Adding to this, good reporting made him easy to manage. Hervé learned quickly and rapidly gained the trust of his peers in global and local positions. Local management perceived him as a valuable resource and looked to him for innovative ideas, best practices and direction. Hervé proved to be apt at remote management and virtual team building.
As a result, he consistently met and most often exceeded his job requirements and the business objectives assigned to him. Our paths crossed again a few years later and we had the opportunity to collaborate on a couple of joint enterprise initiatives between Microsoft and Bull.
In a nutshell, I found Hervé to be a hard-working high-potential, not afraid to take risks, excelling at developing international business and at managing global accounts and partners. I would be happy to serve as a reference and would be delighted to work again with him should the right opportunity arise.”
— Stephane DAUDIER, former Vice President, Bull  •  • +33 6 1457 9199

“I worked with Herve CAMUS as a prospect, and then as a client and as a partner between 1994 and 1996, just after he was promoted by Bull as head of OEM and indirect sales business development for the Asia/Pacific region, including Japan. At that time, I was heading the development project for Hitachi’s enterprise server initiatives, looking for innovative solutions to build new offerings for our global customers. Herve designed a winning strategy and built a strong team to approach our organization, demonstrating innovative leadership and solid business skills.
My team and I were favorably impressed by Herve’s efficient consultative approach, demonstrating both technical and business thought leadership despite heavy competition, while being sensitive to cultural differences especially for us Japanese, dealing effectively not only with our Japanese headquarters but also with our European and American teams. Thanks to effective global account management, Herve and his team successfully completed lengthy and complex negotiations spanning from R&D to manufacturing, including joint go-to-market initiatives.
In addition, Herve always demonstrated personal qualities important to us: a personable and polished professional, with honest influencing skills, a result-oriented team player working collaboratively, consensus-driven, committed to continuous improvement. Based on this experience, I believe that Herve would be an asset to any organization, and I can give him my wholehearted endorsement. I am happy to provide further reference information to any prospective employers, partners or customers.”
— Koichi IKEDA, General Manager, Hitachi •  • +81-463-87-6788



“I recruited Herve at NCR and he proved very rapidly a very talented salesman, balancing energy, creativity and tenacity with a real passion for the job and respect of the customers. Amazingly, he was equally good as a hunter or as a farmer.
Our path crossed again when he joined Microsoft France. I was at MS Europe and then MS Corporate during his stay and we happened to be in touch on several projects regarding the small and medium business market, as well as the datacenter initiative for large accounts. Herve had retained his original qualities, had developed his passion for challenges, but he also grown in maturity and developed his capability to work in a team, lead and inspire others, or be a powerful contributor. In all cases, it was a pleasure having him with us. J”
— Jacques BABLON, former Corporate Director, Microsoft •


“I have always appreciated Herve’s work . He is very committed and hard working, likes to gain more & more knowledge about his work, partners, and to get into the details to make sure deals will be closed. As such he is quite keen on learning new stuff that will be useful for him, and listens to advice. I would recommend him for future employment.”
— Jean-Yves Grisi, former Director, Microsoft • • +33 6 14 18 75 78


“Hervé managed to recruit me as a MS partner while I was at that time running a successful business with Lotus Software. Since then we built and maintained a trusted and efficient relationship. Hervé has the drive and the energy to setup sales efficient organizations by matching the offerings (software, services,..) to the customer potential benefits. He is reliable, energetic and has a wide cultural awareness of the it challenges and ecosytem. I would highly recommend him”
— Herve Timsit, former CEO, Peritek / Soft2You •  • +33 6 7486 5421


“I had the pleasure to join Hervé’s team at Microsoft in 1998. He is a great manager. His vitality and natural enthusiasm is self-evident, making him not only a pleasant but also a stimulating person to work with. He has a very good understanding of the IT ecosystem, and an ideal mix of high level competencies in marketing and sales. Highly recommended !”
— Frédéric Radigué, former Manager, Microsoft • • +33 6 30 09 84 01


“Did a great job. I worked with Herve on EXchange marketing and Lotus recruitment. Nice work!”
— Rich TONG, former VP, Microsoft •


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